ATTN: Experienced Golfers Frustrated, Even Sidelined By Low Back Discomfort and Pain…

“Ground-Breaking Research Reveals How to Turn Your Body’s Center of Gravity into a DRIVING DYNAMO of Accuracy and Power… Unleashing Your Natural Ability to Once Again Swing Like You’re 20-30-40+ Years Younger!”


Isn’t it Time You Got Back on the Tee? 
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Dear Golfing Friend,

I’m Dr. Ron Safko and for over 40 years I’ve dedicated my life and my practice to helping golfers and other athletes like you find practical, proven ways to beat Father Time and play the best golf of your life… without screwing up your rhythm with drugs or short-shafting your swing to muddle through discomfort.

The KEY to making this happen lies in your body’s Center of Gravity (COG).

To make a powerful, accurate swing – regardless of age – your body needs to be balanced.

And your body’s center of gravity controls it ALL.

You want that transfer of power to be smooth. You want it to be efficient. You want the energy transferred effortlessly without conscious thought. And anything that “puts the brakes” on this process – including stiffness, misalignment, or pain – costs you both accuracy and power.

But there are ways to overcome your body’s inherent tendency (as it ages) to send your COG “off the rails.”

Inside “How to Get Back In the Game and Swing Like You’re 20-30-40+ Years Younger!” you’ll discover:

  • Why having a “Dynamic Center of Gravity (COG)” is the key to giving your swing maximum freedom, speed, and power.

  • How to turn back the clock on your swing – knocking off 10, 20, 30 years, even more – imagine what it’d be like to once again swing “flat out” without cringing at what might happen.

  • Why retrofitting your swing to align to the latest “pro tour trends” can damage your body almost beyond repair – and instead how to fine tune your body to get the most from your natural swing and rhythm.

  • Revealed: a simple way to transform your core into a rock-solid power platform. (Best of all, you don’t need “six-pack abs” or anything close.)

  • What the major Club & Ball manufacturers DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW about spending gobs of money on pricey “state of the art” equipment (hint: you could be tossing your hard-earned dollars down the drain!)

  • And a lot more besides.

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Don’t waste your days on the couch when you could be out playing!

See you on the course,


Dr. Ron Safko

PS:  It makes me crazy to see otherwise fit golfers forced to give up the game – simply because they failed to take a few simple precautions to keep their Core and Center of Gravity stable.

Don’t repeat their mistake.

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