“Swing Like You’re 20-30-40 Years Younger…”


If You Want to Get Off the Couch and Back on the Golf Course Where You Belong, Dr. Ron Safko’s X-Factor Belt® Uniquely Delivers the Freedom, Power, and Results You Deserve – Guaranteed

There’s nothing like the sound of a perfect drive slammed right down the middle of the fairway, as all your friends stare with eyes wide open in awe… knowing that not only are you back on the tee, you’re back IN THE GAME.

Finally, you can - with our patented X-Factor Belt®, your Core – which supplies the power – is supported and your Center of Gravity – critical to accuracy and consistency – is properly centered and balanced throughout your swing. 

At Last you can worry less about pain, stiffness, even anxiety… wondering whether the whole house of cards your back has been for oh-so-long will suddenly collapse… leaving you doubled over in pain and abandoned, as your friends head off to enjoy another 18 holes WITHOUT YOU.

Now THAT stinks.

Well, I’m happy to let you know:

“It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way Any More!”

Look, I get it.

I’m a Doctor. I treat athletes and wanna-be athletes every day for a number of issues. And I see far too many people stuck on the sidelines, instead of playing golf or even enjoying life, due to chronic low back discomfort.

This might include you. (It certainly used to include ME!)

When it comes to golf, then, maybe once in a blue moon you do give it a shot – go out play one week…

But after a few holes – or even just taking a few swings on the practice tee – everything goes down the tubes again.

And then you’re back on the couch wrenched with pain.  Flat on your back, having to watch your buddies heading out to play with you making excuses along the lines of:

Active Man Has Back Pain and cannot play golf

“Sorry, I can't handle it this weekend, my back’s still bothering me.”

Who needs that?

Like I said, I’ve not only seen it a million times, I’ve been there… spent years looking for a way to deal with the pain and find a way, some way, to get back out on the course… tried everything, but nothing did the trick.

Because what matters most is your CORE and your Center of Gravity.

If they’re weak, or damaged, or simply asymmetrical as the majority of us are, there’s no way you can make a powerful, fluid swing comfortably – one time, 10 times, 70 times.

Just not happening.

That’s why I designed our X-Factor Belt® from the get-go to stabilize your Core, center your Center of Gravity, and improve your posture so that there's a more even flow of power and energy from the foot up through the body and out to the clubhead.

The patented X-Factor Belt® gives you the support you need, while still providing un-matched comfort and flexibility – so you can swing smoothly and freely with every shot you take.

This means that you're not only going to play with a lot more accuracy, you're also going get a lot more power in your drive.


Sam McCormick-Golfer Testimonial

"This past weekend I was in Washington DC for a charity golf tournament. Unfortunately, a few days leading up to it my back began acting up and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to play. This is nothing new for me as I’ve dealt with lingering back pain for years now… I ended up making a last minute decision to try Dr. Safko’s X-Factor® belt, which was first recommended by a work colleague who is an avid golfer.

I was truly amazed by the results and how much it helped with the pain. Not only did I make it through the round pain free, but I played well too. The belt is light, flexible, and nonrestrictive. I had full range of motion on my swing and the belt gave me the support and confidence to use full force on my swing despite my back issue. I wouldn’t have made it through an entire 18 hole round without the X-Factor belt. Thankful to finally find a belt that alleviates pain while not limiting my movement. I would highly recommend this product to any athlete looking for relief and comfort."

– Sam McCormick, New York, NY

Here’s What Makes The X-Factor Belt Ideal for Golf, Sports, and Everyday Active Lifestyles:

First off, the patented X-Factor Belt® technology was created by me – Dr. Ron Safko, Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist – so you can rest assured knowing its design was based on years of academic research, practical experience, and countless hours of testing.  

Its precision-forged flexible steel X inserts provide the constant lower back-pelvic-hip support you need, along with:

  • Lightweight, breathable, contour fit for all-day wear – comfortable to wear while warming up on the range, out on the course, and back at home relaxing after the round.
  • Dual soft compression Xs to support lateral pelvic hip muscles – providing you with a solid Core, able to hit every shot in total balance and comfort.
  • Individually hand-cut and sewn by specially trained craftsmen - designed and engineered in the USA.
  • Easy on/off wraparound design, double elastic straps to customize fit for men and women golfers of most shapes and sizes.
  • Minimizes risk of injury, improves posture and alleviates pain like no other support belt on the market that I've found… hopefully you won’t need to rely as much on painkillers to “gut it out” any more.
  • Highly recommended by golfers of all ages (it truly is your “secret weapon” that pays off shot after shot, round after round).

"I’m a 55-year-old male, 5’10 185 advertising sales executive. I have been struggling with lower back pain on and off most of my adult life. This is due to genetics and my job (constant sitting) also I am an avid golfer - I play close to 70 rounds a year. About two years ago Ron Safko introduced to me the X-Factor Back Belt. It is nothing short of AMAZING! It fits perfect and it is easy to put on. The Velcro closures are exactly where you want for a firm and comfortable fit. I keep it in my golf bag and wear it when needed. Dr. Ron Safko’s X-Factor Back Belt keeps me playing!"

–– Mike Morovich, Port Washington, NY

The patented X-Factor Belt® provides the support and protection you need to help maintain your Core, stabilize your Center of Gravity, and get you OFF THE COUCH and back on the links hitting that sweet spot the way you remember.

It’s like having performed thousands of crunches – it gives you a solid Core providing balance and energy, accuracy and power … shot after shot.

The X-Factor Belt® not only engages Core muscles, improves posture and reduces low back, pelvic and hip pain – especially back pain from golf swings – it does so with minimal probability of further injury.  So you don’t have to worry that you’ll be coming home from the course filled with regret and wishing you’d just hung out on the couch.


You’ll be able to replay that round in your head with joy and satisfaction – because GOLF was FUN once again.


Unconditional 15-Day Money Back Guarantee  

You can rest assured that I stand by the X-Factor Belt® 100%. 


Based on patient feedback it helps people of every age – even those with an assortment of neuromuscular conditions, chronic arthritic hip pain and an array of muscular skeletal issues – enabling some to cut back on pain medications, move freely through their discomfort, and return to an active lifestyle with unrestricted range of motion.

It truly is like no other belt or similar device on the market.

That’s why, to remove ALL risk to you, you have a full 15 Days to try out the X-Factor Belt®.

Go ahead, give it your best shot. Hit the range, play a few rounds, really give it a workout on and off the tee.

And if you're not 100% satisfied with everything, just let me know, and you can have a complete and total refund.

Remember, ONLY the X-Factor Belt® Delivers:

  • Synchronized lumbar-pelvic-hip movement and flexible, unrestricted support – both on the course throughout your entire round, and off the course as you go through all your other daily activities.
  • Simultaneous circumferential, longitudinal and torsional back support to stabilize the lower back and hips – providing protection against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, overextension and excessive pelvic torque associated with the golf swing and follow through.
  • Flexibility, stability and freedom of movement while maintaining you golf posture in an optimal position from start to finish.  (Plus, it provides “postural awareness” that makes you aware of any negative swing mechanics such as over-swinging, over-extending, etc.)
  • Quicker relief and faster recovery of overused muscles after strenuous play – remember, every swing can generate an enormous amount of pressure on your body, particularly low back, pelvis, and hips. 
  • Decreases the negative effects of muscle recoil of the hips associated with the golf swing, so you can not only play today, you can get back out tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and so on.

“That wider range of motion would let someone hit the ball farther, which is what EVERY golfer wants.”

"I wore the belt on Tuesday & Wednesday and it felt great. You can feel the extra support in the lower back, but it does NOT hinder any full body movements. That wider range of motion would let someone hit the ball farther which is what every golfer wants.

"I didn't wear the belt on Thursday and that night all of my muscles were tired after playing for 3 straight days. I even had a slight tinge of pain in my lower back. On Friday I played and wore the belt and after 2-3 holes i felt just as good as Day 1. The belt gave me the extra support and range of full motion that I needed. I actually played 21 holes.

So I think for people with weak backs for whatever reason the belt should allow them to keep playing. For people without weak or injured backs the belt can permit them to play more, prevent an injury, and MAYBE even play better. Thanks."

- Rich Wilke, New York, NY


Here's The Bottom Line...

The object of the golf swing is to hit the ball as long and as accurately as possible

But the challenge, especially for anyone with any kind of pelvic alignment issues or a Core that’s not working at 100% for whatever reason, is that the golf swing requires

  • rotation with extension of the lumbar spine
  • coupled with pelvic torque. 

The X-Factor Belt® considers these imbalances and provides improved Core and trunk alignment which can translate into a more relaxed, smoother, balanced and controlled swing.

FINALLY, there’s something to help you get off the couch and get out there and play with your buddies again.  Something to help you get back to doing what you want to do - play golf again and get back into the game you love, so you can finally enjoy life as it's as it's meant to be.

And it doesn’t matter what age you’re at – even if you’ve had joint issues or bad discs or any of that.

The patented X-Factor Belt® will give you a stronger Core and the Center-of-Gravity support you need to go out there and play like you’re 20, 30, 40+ years younger.

It will definitely increase the frequency of how often you play and it will reduce the discomfort you may have.

So why wait? Start today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind.

And be prepared to finally see how amazing it will feel to be out there on the course once again, playing golf like you haven’t been able to in years.



Dr. Ron Safko

P.S. Don’t forget, ACT NOW and receive FREE SHIPPING on my patented X-Factor Belt®. 

PPS:  If you’re still wondering whether I’m for real and our X-Factor Belt® is for real, here’s the deal…

My office is located on Park Avenue and 48th Street, right in the heart of Manhattan. And it’s a real office where I practice and pretty much where I 'live'.

So, if you're not sure this belt can help you and you're anywhere in the New York City region, stop by and see me…. it’s very convenient. The Waldorf Astoria is around the corner. St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, NBC Today Show and Broadway Theater District are all just a few blocks away. MoMA is down the block. We are in the center of Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue Shopping. I've even got Grand Central Station and the UN just blocks away.

Come on by, let's sit down and chat. I’ll answer any questions or doubts you may have on size, how to wear, and when to use.

I'll fit you and show you in person exactly what this belt can do.

I know you’ll walk away as impressed as I was and everyone else who’s given it a go.  

It works.